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Resource view displays detailed assignments in man.days over a period of time.

This view is sorted by resources and displays the workload decomposed by: Assignment, Actual and Estimate to Completion (ETC).

 You can change the scale of the view using the "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" buttons:

You can also drill down a section to know where the allocation stands:

If you have the authorization to modify the projet, on the right and side gid, by clicking on a white cell at the resource level, you can change corresponding resource assignments. It can be done in order to estimate  completion (ETC) as well. The assignment can be set before the start or after the end of the task. New start and finish dates will then be set accordingly.

In this same view, you can edit a task by clicking directly on its name.

You can then quickly perform operations like:

  • Assigning a new resource
  • Changing task start and finish date
  • Closing the task (in this case the estimate to completion will be set to 0)
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